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5 Awesome Basement Renovation Ideas

If the current status of your basement involves cold concrete floors and dark, creepy corners filled with boxes of junk, it can be hard to really see past all of that and imagine it as a whole new space that can actually look cozy and welcoming. The reality is, with a few good renos, you can really utilize that extra room, and provide you and your family with a warm and inviting living space.

So if you’ve been considering remodelling your basement, here are 5 awesome renos ideas that can help inspire you and help you imagine just how amazing that basement can look.

A Giant Playhouse for the Kids

Tight on space for the kids? Sick of tripping over toys? Well, why not turn the basement into a giant play area where they can spend time with their friends and get creative until their hearts are content? It’s the perfect space where you can get creative by installing cozy carpeting, add some fun and colourful furniture to the mix, and wow the kids with an area that’s all for them.

The Ultimate Games Room

Forget the kids – what adult doesn’t dream of having a games room? Create your perfect gaming den for when you have the neighbours or friends over. Begin by planning out what your priorities are – area for the big screen, the darts board, maybe even the pool table – you can customize your space for your own personal style.

The Wine Cellar

So maybe games aren’t your thing, but maybe wine is! Imagine having your friends or family over and asking them to go grab a bottle of wine – from the cellar! Stop dreaming. It’s a lot easier to have than you think. With a few customized shelves, and the perfect design and décor, you can have your very own sultry cellar in the comfort of your basement.

 The Zen Room

Sometimes, all we really need is to have our own peaceful Zen space to relax, mediate or dive into a good book. Although it may be difficult to envision it now, with the right designs and handyman to get the job done, you can have your own peaceful Zen room where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the world whenever you choose.

The Bar

Instead of paying a fortune at the local bar each weekend, turn your basement into the ultimate hotspot for Friday nights with your friends. You can become the cocktail master right in the comfort of home.

So give your basement a chance to shine. If you learn to look past the concrete and boxes, we guarantee once you place your design in the right sets of hands, we’ll create that perfect extra space in your home that you never thought was possible.

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