Canada Day Party Games

Looking to crank up the patriotic fun with some games to go with your Canada Day celebrations? Whether you’ve got kids, teens, adults, or even adults who could qualify as kids, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Here are some Canada Day party games to get your party going for the whole family!

For the Kids

Collective Flag Creations

If you’ve got a party full of kids to keep entertained and pre-occupied, this is a great activity for them to get involved with and explore their craftier side with the Canadian flag. All you need is enough pieces of square white square fabric for each person (or you can just use paper if you prefer). And with a variety of different materials (markers, stickers, glue-on shapes) ask the kids to re-create their version of the Canadian flag and what it means to them. They can draw moose, the maple leaf, even a Beaver Tail – anything to get them thinking about what they love most about Canada. Then put them up somewhere on display for the day.

Canadian Piñata

Who doesn’t love taking a swing at a piñata? Even if this is the only activity you have during your Canada celebration – it’s a winner. Everyone loves to watch as each person takes their turn flailing their arms around in anticipation for the candy. So hop online and check out places that sell them in your area. Or, you can make it a DIY project that you can make with the kids with a Canada theme to go along with. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Scavenger Hunt

Who says scavenger hunts have to be left for Easter? Kids absolutely love to go on the hunt for little treasures hidden around your yard or home. You can pick up a few items at the dollar store or candies and tell them to start hunting!

For the Grown-ups

Canada Trivia

The grown-ups need a little entertainment too. If you’re looking to test your knowledge of Canadian fun facts and things-that-you-should-know-but-don’t, then Canadian trivia is the perfect game to stimulate your mind while relaxing with a beverage in hand.

Bocci Ball

So this may have Italian roots, but Bocci Ball is a classic that you can’t go wrong with. It celebrates our diversity while getting the grown-ups out of their chairs and into the competition.

Wii Dance Party

Finally, if you have a Wii game system, throwing down a Dance Party addition at your Canada Day party will get both adults and kids pumped up and moving!

Throw some excitement into the mix at your Canada Day celebration this year. These games are guaranteed to crank up the fun factor and get the whole crew having a good time.

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