Welcome Home Gift Ideas for the New Mom

Baby season has arrived! When you go to visit the new bundle of joy, be sure to bring a little something for Mom too! Mom has been through a lot bringing this little bundle of joy into the world, so now’s time to celebrate her as well! Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to show Mom how much you care.


After having a baby it’s very nice and calming to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. It’s a common gift to give to new parents for a reason, because it’s always lovely to look upon pretty flowers at the end of a long day.


You can give your wife a memorable gift such as something in the baby’s birthstone. A little something to say “thank you for giving me the best present in the world”. It will be a keepsake for her to cherish as baby grows up.

Gift basket

Don’t send a gift basket to the hospital because the parents will have enough to carry home. Have a gift basket just for moms waiting at home to welcome her to her new life. The basket should contain calming things she can use to relax. Things like herbal teas, her favorite chocolate or snacks maybe even a good book.

New pajamas

Face it, a new mom is going to spend a fair amount of time in her pajamas, so why not surprise her with a brand new pair! She might be in between sizes directly after having a baby so a new set will be a blessing.

A massage

Sure you can give her a massage if you want, but you should also buy her a professional massage. This serves as a two part present; first is the professional massage that she desperately needs and two is some quiet time away from the baby.

Bringing home a new baby is very exciting and overwhelming. Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of things that you forget to celebrate the woman who gave you the beautiful baby.

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